Friday, April 1, 2011

New Endeavor

Hi Friends!

I am doing something a little new.  I have started a new art journal, and am finding it one of my favorite creative endeavors yet.  The best part is there are no rules.  Love it!

Here is something I am working on right now.....I cut this piece of cardboard out from a box of diaper. Now, it is a piece of art!!

I also joined a group that is doing a daily challenge of art journaling....just for 10 minutes a day.  I am jumping in, even though I am a major art rookie.  

Who would have thought a lowly piece of cardboard could be so fun??

Enjoy....and go be artsy!


  1. Hello~
    I stumbled upon you, blog hoping this evening.
    I had to laugh, I was peaking at others that listed Catholic Faith in interest, and you were the first I came across. As I was reading & saw you posted about Butler, I thought, I'll be darn..wondered if you were also from Indy..then saw your Cutie Patooties wearing Colts shirts and thought oh yeah little Hoosiers.
    I've been enjoying BlogWorld for a about three years now. I look forward to following you (I have to do it tomorrow, cant from my laptop). Pop over to my little corner sometime. Until then, have a Blessed Weekend & GO DAWGS!!!
    btw~ LOVE your vintage pillowcases! Very lovely♥

  2. Thanks for stopping by WildRumpusing! You are going to LOVE art journaling! There is so much you can do and it is ALL GOOD! I highly recommend Teesha Moore's website - my first art journals were inspired by her. Also, Kelly Kilmer. I have taken a couple of her online collage/art journal classes and have learned a lot from her.