Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Only at My House

It was a busy day, as most days are around here......and we were wrapping up with a trach change for Lily.  She gets her trach changed once a week.  This is not a big deal now that she is older.....after my last child  had a trach for five years, and now Lily having had hers for two years...that is a lot of trach changes.  I kid around that I could change one in my sleep......and I have!!  Lily's trach has fallen out in the middle of the night, and I have woken up at her bedside, putting it back in, after being startled awake from her noises.  So, trach dramas are not new around here, but we had a first last night.  After I put a new trach in, and was walking down the stairs with Lily and her next in line brother behind me on the stairs, that same one I just mentioned who had his trach in for five years, started yelling, "MAMA, Lily's trach is out!!!"  I was at the bottom of the stairs, they were a few stairs up.......I started to race back up the stairs, and looked up again, to find Lily's trach already back in.

UH???  My little eight year old proudly said, "Oh, I just put it back in."
Okay, Slick, you just put your sister's airway back in.....and you look so calm. How do you do it, Coolhand???  He proceeded to retell everyone the whole night how he first thought, "Oh, Gosh" and then thought, "Hey, I have to get this back in now!!"  and did it.  Apparently, Lily had loosened the velcro on the way down the stairs, and the trach fell out.  When she was younger, she would immediately turn blue, but I don't think her airway obstruction is quite as bad.....and she handled everything quite well.  She is a Stinker with a capital "S".  My darling son was like "Rudy" all night, having just caught the winning pass for the game.....and being paraded around as the hero.  He was glowing.  

Good grief, I'm glad the girl has so many brothers!!! Anyone else's eight year old put a trach back in this weekend???

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  1. GREAT story--such wonderful opportunities for bravery, heroism (and virtue) for your sons! And thanks for visiting my blog!